The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive industries in the entire country and staying in front of the curve is of the utmost importance. Without the proper financing outlet, restaurants often struggle to stay afloat. Banks and other financial institutions view restaurants as high-risk and often make it very difficult for them to obtain the financing they need to succeed. At Salera Capital, we make financing the growth of your restaurant quick and painless.

Here are a few scenarios where a Salera Capital Business Loan can help you grow your restaurant:

  • A piece of kitchen equipment suddenly stops working and you need to replace it quickly to avoid any crippling kitchen shutdowns

  • The holidays are approaching and you need to hire additional staff to handle the uptick in traffic

  • You've decided to roll out a new marketing initiative using new marketing mediums 

  • Your restaurant has taken off faster than expected and you need capital to keep up with the demand

  • Customers love your food truck and you're finally ready to sign a lease for a permanent location

  • You've out-grown your current location are looking for a bigger space



  • Hire more staff

  • Renovations

  • Expansion

  • New Kitchen Equipment

  • Marketing

  • Payroll

What Do I Need to Qualify

  • 1 year in business

  • 550+ Credit Score

  • $150,000+ in annual revenue

How Do I Apply

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Please note: Credit approval, requirements, and actual terms (including actual loan amount and rate), are subject to Salera Capital and it’s affiliates credit standards and may vary by applicant

How our restaurant clients are using funding from Salera Capital

  • Expansion

  • New Kitchen Equipment

  • Renovations

  • Additional staff 

  • Ramp up for faster pace season

  • Bulk Purchases

  • New Locations

  • New Entertainment Equipment

  • Payroll

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